Advanced Free Solar Energy Training From MIT

Free Solar Energy Training from MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT no less, actually offers access for free to a number of previously taught courses on various topics including several that related to the solar or clean energy industry. The program is called MIT Open Course Ware ( OCW ). OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity.

All of the courses I would say are at the advanced level ( maybe even research) and typically requires at least an undergraduate degree in science or engineering.

However if feel you have the background, it is free.

Dick K.P. Yue, Professor, MIT School of Engineering

The idea is simple: to publish all of our course materials online and make them widely available to everyone.

The fundamentals of Solar Photovoltaics

Introduction to Sustainable Energy

Fundamentals of Energy in Buildings

The Physics of Energy

The fundamentals of advanced Energy Conversion

There are lots of other courses available for free from MIT so check it out.



Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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36 comments on “Advanced Free Solar Energy Training From MIT

  1. This is my free gift to human kind:

    All the thermal energy we can use now or collect by radiation from the sun yet, is coming from our sun, direct or indirectly. For over 40 years i was looking for some kind of energy source that could provide us access to unlimited free energy. Nothing perpetual was found because that’s impossible. Nature’s Law simply doesn’t permit that. Many alternative and free forms of energy where found in the years before and yet to come, but non of them delivers unlimited supply’s.The following concept is mostly no exception to that, and the most parts are already invented before. It’s just the combination of components placed in certain circumstances, that can be used to realize free energy for a long time. Anyway, i was attracted to the fact that it’s for free without maintenance for a long time when placed.


    Made from two different metals wires, electrically separated, that are on one end in contact by connecting knots. When heated up; they deliver low electrical currents that can be used for measuring temperatures for example, but also for collecting and charging DC current depending energy systems. To do that they need to be placed in combinations of series and parallel circuits. Some systems based on that principle are already placed in gas or oil burning, high profit central heating systems. My suggestion is; to place these systems in the earth crest, accessing and collecting heat that naturally occurs from the earths crest below us.

    The benefits seen from my point of view are; that either all the other systems are using moving parts, or are depending on sunlight that’s not available during the night cycles. The fact that this concept can deliver a continue and stable power current during it’s live time, without the need for maintenance, is the reason why i am suggesting to start investigating the benefits of the concept.

  2. I would like to enrol for this course. Kindly furnsih me with any other relevant information you may have regarding renewable and sustainable energy.

    • Hi Ahmad. What interests you the most about solar and what is your goal in learning more about it. If I know this I can better target some thing that is right for you.

      Gordon Smith

  3. Being form an Engineering background,I am very much passionate about this course in India. Please share a link regarding this course for India.There will be many takers of this course.Please…Please …..Please share a link for India. We are very much excited for this course .We are happy to take this course even if it is paid.

  4. I am Agbaje Lateef from Nigeria, I also practice Electrical engineering, I will be delighted to be involved in this training as we are also looking for alternate energy source.

  5. I am Mechanical Engineer with over 25 yrs of working with experience in handling mechanical support services simulataneously in number of small and big hospitals other than handling various types of new projects.I am also in the execution of numberless HVAC projects of various buildings.I would like to be benefitted with any of your online programme particularly renewable and sustainable energy programmes.

  6. I am interested in this type of training course in India. If there is any such course please share. As I am currently working in solar power sector as a Electrical engineer.

  7. I+am+a+project+management+expert+with+degree+in+electrical+engineering.

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