Can We Fight Climate Change And Grow The Economy?

Can We Fight Climate Change And Grow The Economy?
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The Cost to Fight Climate Change.

The price of solar photovoltaic energy has decreased by 99 percent in the last 2o years. Electricity made from new wind farms, is now the cheapest form of electricity in the USA. Solar and wind energy adoption began as small projects and has evolved into larger and larger projects.

What is the driving force behind renewable energy adoption? Is it the quest for cheaper electricity? Is it energy security or maybe a concern for climate change? The answer is likely all of the above.

Solar energy, both at the utility scale and residential scale has the possibility of creating millions of jobs very quickly. Wind turbine manufacturing, installation and maintenance also can create this level of new jobs. Maybe what the main driver is for many countries is the economy? Natural gas and oil prices are at historic lows and no-one is adding additional capacity! So where is the growth? Where are the jobs? Easy – clean energy adoption….

Here is a video from Sarah Chapman, CEO and co-founder of Iwana Energy, and strategic adviser (and former Chief of Staff) to the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. The Global Commission’s major finding was that economic growth and climate action can be achieved together.

Fight Climate Change And Grow The Economy.

Iwana Energy is putting this into practice by accelerating the transition to renewable energy in emerging markets, starting with solar in Guatemala.

Sarah previously worked financing portfolios of renewable energy projects in China and Australia with Climate Bridge. She started her career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company where she focused on clean energy finance.