Design and Build An Efficient Solar Heater

Design and Build An Efficient Solar Heater

A DIY Efficient Solar Heater.

The power of the sun is necessary for all life on planet earth is largely untapped by the human race in a purposeful way. Instead of using the sun for heat we have perfected the science of finding, removing and burning fossil fuels aptly named as really they are the product of millions of years of high pressure on the remains of plant and animal life.

As the planet warms from all this burning of fossil fuels, our climate is changing rapidly. What can we do to stop this madness?

Well, it turns out that capturing solar heat for heating air or water is really a very easy and cheap thing to do. This is probably why certain energy companies are fighting so hard to stop us. Do not worry we don’t need their approval just a knowledge of what can be done.

If you have ever left a dark water hose out in the sun during summer, you will have already realized the power of the sun. In fact, this water can be warm enough to burn you if you are not careful.

So why can we not easily use this same phenomenon ( physics again ) to heat our homes or at least partially heat our homes for free? We can and in this how-to video you can see how to make a solar heater from pop cans ( or beer cans if you like).

The principles of free solar heating are so simple
The principles of free solar heating are so simple

All you need is some simple tools, some cans and some bits and pieces that can be found around the house or in the garage. The finished product is not so pretty ( actually you can buy commercial ones fairly cheaply that will find from our Amazon friends) but it really works. In this example, it takes air coming into at 57 degrees ( F) and heats it to 109 degrees!

What this means is that you can save hundreds of dollars on your yearly energy spend and zero out the co2 produced to otherwise heat your home. Pretty good right?

The trickiest part is attaching the device to your house. You need to find an existing opening like a sliding window, unused door or wall AC unit opening to mount it. Last resort is cut a hole in the wall but maybe that is what you need to do.

diy solar heater output of 109 degrees
diy solar heater output of 109 degrees

All for free..

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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