Designing A Solar Smart Building

Designing A Solar Smart Building

Become Solar Smart.

One thing that is very important for anyone that wants to learn how to use the sun’s energy in a smart and efficient way must watch this video training. How the sun travels across the sky in relation to your home of office that you want to power is critical in any design.

It does not mater if you are designing a solar pv system or passive solar power system or you are using both, you need to understand the available solar energy.

In this video you will learn how a vegetable farmer in Minnesota designed and built a green house that is capable of capturing the waste hot air that rises to the top of the green house naturally and redirect it to an underground storage system for later use in warming the earth for the plants.

The system is so simple and so effective that it allows them to start selling vegetables in May in the cold Minnesota climate! It pays to understand the sun and the energy it can provide for free. This is a great training for anyone interested in the solar energy industry or interested in building a low or zero energy structure for themselves.

Learn it well enough and you can start your own business building such solar smart structure for other people. There you go, your solar energy career and you can be your own boss! Now that is Solar smart!

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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