Everything You Need To Know About The Future Smart Grid

Everything You Need To Know About the Future Smart Grid

The Future Smart Grid Is Coming.

The smart grid is a future development aimed at making the world’s electric grids more flexible, meaning able to adapt to changing consumer demands and as well optimize the different generation resources available to it. It is a very necessary development that we will need if we ever want to maximize the opportunities coming from utility scale solar and wind energy technology.

As part of your education in the solar and clean energy industry, an understanding of the smart grid is essential especially if your goal is to work with utility ( large ) scale clean energy projects or even develop smart grid products and grid connected smart devices.

Here is a 3 part video learning series developed jointly between Washington State University and the Northwest Workforce Training Center for Electric Power Engineering.

BPA partnered with  to develop these four videos that look at three common high-voltage transmission phenomena:

  1. corona
  2. electrostatic induction
  3. conductor or power line sag.

The training videos are featured in new curriculum for power engineers that’s part of a nationwide smart grid workforce training project sponsored by the Department of Energy. The tests were conducted at BPA’s High Voltage Lab in Vancouver, Wash.

Here are all 4. They are fairly technical in nature so engineers and technicians will love it. If you are not do not worry you will still learn a lot of valuable information that will help you in your goal for a career in clean energy.

Video 1

Conductor Sag Demonstration – DOE Smart Grid Workforce Training Video

Video 2.

Electrostatic Induction – DOE Smart Grid Workforce Training Video

Video 3.

Corona Measurement – DOE Smart Grid Workforce Training Video

So much research and financing are going into the development of the future smart grid that soon it will just be referred to as the grid!

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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