A Free Advanced Lecture In Perovskite Solar-Cell Architecture

A Free Advanced Lecture In Perovskite Solar-Cell Architecture

Another Free Advanced Lecture.

Stanford University is one of the top universities in the world. They are also tops in our books because they make many of their clean energy and solar energy technology lectures available for anyone to review for free.

Here is very advanced lecture on the Perovskite solar cell architecture. Learning how doping with different mineral levels impacts the efficiency of the solar cell is important to any solar cell researcher.

If your career goal is to become a researcher in solar power science which is fantastic career move, this video will give you insight. The speaker Rebecca Belisle is a student at Stanford.

Let us know if you enjoyed this lecture ( or not ). We try to find the best free solar training that is out there for our readers. Comments are appreciated.


Did you like this Free advanced lecture from Stanford?

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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