Free Caltech Lecture Teaches The Concepts Of Modern Solar Energy

Free Caltech Lecture Teaches The Concepts Of Modern Solar Energy

Learning the basics of modern solar energy.

As part of the Global Climate and Energy Project’s 6th Annual Research Symposium at Stanford University, Nate Lewis, a professor of chemistry at Caltech, provides a beginner’s overview of the concepts behind solar energy.

In this free two lecture you will learn about solar generation in all forms as well as the current state of the art and its potential role in future energy production.

This lecture will give a wide understanding of the field of modern solar energy including solar fuel,solar thermal and solar photovoltaic technology. The basics you learn here for free, may just set you on your path to further education and a rewarding career in clean energy or even specifically solar energy.

Careers in the solar energy industry all already is such demand that companies are short of skilled workers. This demand is only going to increase along with the wages. Global adoption of solar energy is the beginning of a revolution that will move us away from fossil fuels and keep us away frmo the precipice that is global climate change.

We try to find the best and most appropriate free solar energy training for our readers ranging in age from 5 to 95. I hope you take advantage of this free lecture and spend the 2 hours to absorb all that solar training.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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