Free GE Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy Course

Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy Course Outlines The State Of The Art.

Much of the information and most of the lectures and courses we highlight here on are about solar photovoltaic technology. There are however, several other ways to generate electricity from the sun. Lets take a look at one of and one company that is perfecting the technology.

General Electric produces generation technology in nuclear,thermal,hydro,wind and now concentrated solar thermal power. They have designed a concentrated solar tower that produces very high temperatures that is passed to a what is known as working fluid.


This superheated working fluid can either be stored or used immediately to produce electricity from a turbine generator set.

Molten salts store solar heat for the GE system
Molten salts store solar heat for the GE system

Superheated working fluid can be stored in a combination of molten salts that keep the heat in an insulated tank until it is needed at night. When released from the salt tank this superheated fluid is used in the same way described above to produce needed clean electricity.

Learn For Free Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy Technology

It is important to the student of solar energy to learn all types of solar power generation, delivery and storage technology that is presently available and under development. In this training video from GE you will learn first hand how the technology works.

We have included as a bonus a 2nd video also from GE, showing even more details for their technology. We hope you enjoy this course on the GE concentrated solar thermal energy generation with heat storage technology.

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Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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