Free Online Education In Solar PV Technology

Free Online Education In Solar PV Technology
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There is no better way to learn about the state of the art for solar photovoltaic technology than online and no better price for it than free. This video represents the 2nd lecture in advanced solar pv technology from MIT instructor Tonio Buonassisi. ( I will add the first one at the end as well for you ).

The solar pv industry is considered to be the main driver for the world to move away from fossil fuel generation. The technology is basically a semi-conductor material which as everyone knows from consumer electronics has seen tremendous prices drops in the last two decades.

Further increases in efficiency and reduction in costs will impact both the home solar and utility scale solar markets dramatically. As the price for solar pv falls, the economic viability of adding energy storage devices increases. What I mean is the combined price for solar pv plus energy storage benefits everytime the price for solar pv falls. Correspondingly, the prices for energy storage devices are also falling.

When the combined price for solar plus storage is equal or lower to the price for fossil fuel generated electricity a tipping point will occur. This tipping point will see massive adoption of solar plus storage and electric drive transportation options. It will effectively be the beginning of the end for fossil fuels.

Why We Look For Quality Free Online Education In Solar Energy.

It is for this reason that we believe that it is so important to stay current on the science of solar electricity generation. From this type of free online education you not only stay current on the science and advancements but also the companies that are driving the industry forward. These companies are a great place to look for a career in solar energy if that is what you want to do.

The course was given in the fall of 2011 and was entitled as MIT 2.627 Fundamentals of Photovoltaics. It was updated online in 2013.

You Can View the entire course for free using this link.