Free Solar Energy Education From The Solar Ecology Program, EMS Energy Institute

Free Solar Energy Education From The Solar Ecology Program, EMS Energy Institute

Free Solar Energy Education From The Solar Ecology Program.

This resource has not been up an running very long and already I am receiving emails from institutions that have existing free solar energy education resources. This time it is from Jeffrey Brown who is the Director, Solar Ecology program for the EMS Initiative and Associate professor of Energy and Mining at Pennsylvania State University. ( I hope that I got all of that right. 

Thanks to Jeffrey for the great tip on some free solar energy training and a possible paid pathway to for further education. I think the best way is to post the email from Jeffrey in it’s entirety.

I recently saw the post about Delft University, and wanted to bring to your attention that Penn State offers a degree program online, both as a Masters of Professional Study degree, and as a Solar Certificate. While the degree and the certificates are for paid credit, many of our courses are still open educational resources.

The Solar Certificate and Solar Option within the RESS graduate program was specifically designed through the input of industry advisory members to target project development skills in tandem with solar technologies and the constraints of economic/policy found in the locale of interest for stakeholders. Graduates are expected to advance within the solar industry in small and large firms, as well as expanding their role in governments to facilitate policy and code changes for the rapidly changing field. Rapid growth in the science and practice of solar energy has given rise to the need for advanced understanding and skills in resource assessment, project development, system design, and emerging technologies for both solar thermal and solar electric systems. We understand that professionals in the field use these skills to develop, manage, and improve solar energy systems through project development, system design and analysis, and process improvement. Penn State is also a leader in online education, and the Dutton Institute for e-Education with which we work is the flagship learning design institute at Penn State (Director Ann Taylor, also Admin. Program Mngr. for RESS).

Our Solar Energy curriculum is designed specifically for current and aspiring practitioners who seek advanced skills for advancing the solar energy sector. To accommodate participation by working professionals who can only study part-time and at a distance, the program is offered through Penn State’s World Campus and in cooperation with the Intercollege Masters of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (iMPS-RESS) program. This is an asynchronous educational experience, allowing us to teach and interact across many time zones, internationally. Solar Energy Certificate students earn the Graduate Certificate of Achievement and 12 graduate credits by successfully completing four instructor-led online courses.

Several links are listed below. The Solar Option has six courses, and there is also the Sustainability and Management Policy Optionthat is highly successful in growth. Something to consider that compliments solar strongly.
Jeffrey R. S. Brownson
Director, Solar Ecology program, EMS Energy Institute
Co-Director: 2iE-PSU Centre for Collaborative Engagement
Solar Option Lead: iMPS in Renewable Energy & Sustainability Systems
Associate Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering / Materials Science and Engineering
John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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