FREE Solar Energy Lecture On Organic Solar Cell Science

FREE Solar Energy Lecture On Organic Solar Cell Science

The Future For Organic Solar Cell Science.

Any complete education of solar energy must include new fields of research and technology. A very important example of this is the science of organic solar cells.  How are they different from silicon based solar PV cells? What advancements in organic solar cells must be made in order to replace the current commercial solar cell?

Organic solar cells make use of low-cost organic polymers for photovoltaics. Although these solar cells may appear to be quite different from solar cells made with conventional inorganic semiconductors (e.g. they make use of exciton generation rather than electron-hole generation), this tutorial shows that the essential device physics is readily understood in terms of familiar solar cell fundamentals.

In this video lecture of organic solar cell science, given by Muhammed Alum you will learn so much about the science of organic solar cells.

The use of phase-segregated “bulk heterojunction” structures to enhance the short-circuit current is described as well.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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