Free Thin Film Solar PV Manufacturing Process Training Video

Free Thin Film Solar PV Manufacturing Process Training Video

Learn For Free The Thin Film Solar PV Manufacturing Process.

Thin film solar pv technology is changing at a very rapid rate. Researchers are learning how to increase the efficiency of the solar cells and reduce the cost at the same time. These solar cells are manufacturing using high speeds processes in automated factories.

The faster we manufacture the product the cheaper it can be offered for sale ( provided their is competition in the market place.)

The beauty of thin film solar is that it is thin and flexible. It can be wrapped around things, applied as a sticky film to everything from windows to building surfaces. This is very different from silicon solar cells that are more like a piece of very hard glass. Silicon solar panels are heavier and require more substantial attachments and supports.They are however much more efficient that current thin film solar cells. At least for now.

It is possible that researchers may soon be able to design a thin film solar cell that can 3d printed! Imagine being able to print your own solar cells. Science has a long way to go before we get to this dream for cheap available solar cells, but advancements are being made around the world every day.

Learning The Thin Film Solar PV Manufacturing Process.

In this soundless video from the US Department of Energy’s Oakridge National Laboratories in Tennessee. ( Soundless makes it more multu language friendly ). It shows the manufacturing process for the current state of thin film technology. As part of your continued education in solar energy this is a great addition. And of course it is FREE as always.

Watch for new articles and videos about solar pv manufacturing from companies and universities that are driving change into the solar industry.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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