Why Does FreeSolarEnergyTraining.com Care About The Tesla Gigafactory?

Why Does FreeSolarEnergyTraining.com Care About The Tesla Gigafactory?

What is the Tesla Gigafactory and Why Should We Care?

Why would a site like Free Solar Energy Training, ( this one), care about what billionaire entrprenuer Elon Musk is up to? For sure he has not decided to do anything for free and training and education is not his forte ( so far.).

So if from your point of view you are considering a career in the solar energy industry and this site ( www.FreeSolarEnergyTraining.com ),promises to provide courses and training programs in solar power, For Free! Yes that is true and we have not lost our minds. ( up for discussion). However hear me out.

Elon Musk is working to combine Tesla Motors, which is his electric car company with SolarCity which is a company he started to allow people to finance home solar systems. As part of this plan he has just commissioned, even though it is far from completed, the world’s largest lithium ion battery factory, aptly named the Gigafactory.

Tesla electric cars and home energy storage systems
Tesla electric cars and home energy storage systems.

This refers to the Gigawatts of electrical energy storage ability that is planned to be manufactured from this factory.

Ok, so what right?  A job in the Gigafactory would be cool, but not everyone lives in Nevada. However these state of the art, lithium batteries are slated not just to power Tesla vehicles but also the new Tesla home energy storage systems, that provide electricity backup for home solar power.

The new Tesla Gigafactory
This will be the largest producer of lithium ion batteries in the world.

As this factory ranks up production of these units, over time the prices will fall and so will the size and the technology behind them. Home energy storage when used with solar pv systems,allows a home owner to purchase a system that will allow them to be independant of the electric grid!

Elon imagines the Gigafactory as microproccesor
Elon imagines the Gigafactory as microproccesor

With the combination of Tesla with SolarCity, I can only assume that financing solar pv with their home storage systems will be possible. This will drive retrofits of existing solar pv, new solar pv on existing homes and very importantly, new home sales?

Now you can see why from the perspective of a person looking for opportunity in the solar energy industry, that this news is so exciting!


Time to buckle down, learn about the industry and map out how to get where you want to be.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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