How Far Away Are Printable Solar Cells?

How Far Away Are Printable Solar Cells?

Are Printable Solar Cells For Real?

Students of solar energy must learn not only the technology of today but also what will likely be here tomorrow. Future solar cells will most likley be completely different from what we have today. For one thing they will likely be thin and flexible and produce much more electricity from the same area of cells.

These future solar cells may infact be so different from today that you may not recognize them as solar cells at all. What if we could print our own solar cells? Amazing right?

The truth is that the technology to print high efficiency solar cells is coming but no-one knows when it will a commercially available product. We do know that researchers all over the world are searching to solve the world’s energy and climate crisis. Many of these researchers are focused at cheap printable solar cell advancements.

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One of the greatest challenges humanity faces is finding a way to provide the world’s population with clean energy. Since sunlight is our most abundant source of energy, solar cells, which absorb sunlight and create electricity, will become increasingly important over the next several decades.

There have been great advances recently using silicon and thin films of semiconductors to make solar cells and solar electricity is just starting to become economically competitive. It is still important, however, to drop the costs further so that it will be possible to utilize even more solar energy.

After providing an overview of the solar cell technologies that are currently commercially available, in this video lecture, Professor McGehee will describe a relatively new approach that could make it possible to print solar cells in roll-to-roll coating machines similar to those used to make newspapers.

The professor will also show how solar cells can be made with organic semiconductors and explain how these cells work. Lecturer: Michael McGehee, Stanford University.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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