How to Earn a Certificate in Renewable Energy Sources for Free.

Free Online Certificate Program in Renewable Energy Sources
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Free Training Accessible from Anywhere in the World.

Here is a series of online courses in renewable energy that are free to use, all you have to do is register and you get immediate access to the e-learning content. There are 10 modules and each module concludes with an online test and successful completion of all 10 tests earns you a certificate in renewable energy sources.

This is an opportunity for students interested in a career in solar or more generally, renewable energy to establish some credentials without shelling out any hard earned money. Taking the time to complete this 10 course certificate will leave you with a higher level of understanding about renewable energy and a certificate to prove you are knowledgeable. In my opinion this is a great place to start you clean energy education.

The Link to register is below.

Here is what you will learn:

Technology of renewable energy
Economic regulation of electric utilities
Policy and regulatory frameworks
Energy access through renewable energy

This series of 4 online e-learning modules has been developed under APEC’s Energy Working Group to help maximize the energy sector’s contribution to the Asia-Pacific region’s economic and social well-being, while mitigating the environmental effects of energy supply and use. APEC has long recognized the relationship between energy security, climate impacts, and clean energy development.

APEC and its members and partners in the United States, Australia, and Russia have collaborated to produce this online series of 45 individual lectures or webcasts. The course covers a breadth of issues across the renewable energy sector in the Asia-Pacific region and has been developed and is presented by global experts in their respective subjects.

Delivered through e-learning tools, the material can be studied at each participant’s convenience and pace. The learning modules can be accessed for a specific issue, or they can be taken successively over a period of time. Each of the ten modules concludes with an online test.

Further Notes:

Subcourses 1-3 have been developed by Adam Reed and Xavier Lemaire for the Institute of Lifelong Education.

Subcourse 4 has been developed by Phil LaRocco for the Clean Energy Solutions Center.

To access the course registration click here.

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    • Hi Francois. Did you try the link? All you have to do is register for the course ( free) and start the courses.


      Gordon Smith

  1. I start now in a senior project about pv pannel with water cooling
    I will finish this project in thin june
    So iam trying to develop my knowledge in the solar systems

  2. I+am+electrical+engineer+working+in+Saudi+Arabia.+I+am+interested+to+learn+and+earn+a+Certificate+in+Renewable+Energy.+I+will+register+and+start+immediately.

  3. Sirs/Madams,Thanks.I+am+interested+to+earn+a+certificate+in+Free.Please+register+my+name+&+e-mail+id+for+reply+please.Thanking+you.Yours+sincerely,ER.+Nishit+Bidyut+Biswas,Dhaleswar+Road+No-10,P.O.-Dhaleswar,Agartala,Tripura,India,E-mail:[email protected]

  4. I’m Dipak Deshpande from Nagpur India.
    I’m Mechanical Engineer having 25 yrs of project Execution experience.
    I’m very much interested to have this course. Kindly suggest which one will be suitable for me.
    Further tell me how we can associate to spread in India.


  5. Its a nice initiative. I’ll like to be part of this training
    I reside In Nigeria.
    I am knowledgeable with small scale solar power systems and would like to add to the little knowledge I’ve already acquired

  6. Am in Mombasa, Kenya am interested to learn about this field of Free Solar energy training

  7. Am from Ethiopia and got an interest to learn and use it here inour country! Have the basic skills, but want to upgread it!!

  8. yes, I would like to be involved in this course, and to learn more about solar energy training. Regards, Terry

  9. I’m Yeasir Fathah, working as a Computer Engineer have experience .
    I’m very much interested to have this course. Kindly suggest which one will be suitable for me.
    Further tell me how we can associate .

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