How To Wire A Home Solar Powered Air Conditioning System

How To Wire A Home Solar Powered Air Conditioning System
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The Need For Home Solar Powered Air Conditioning.

How do you wire and install a solar power air conditioning system? In this video which is not in english but had such terrific graphics you will learn how to size and wire a home solar power AC system.

In many areas of the world where the climate is very tropical or hot and dry, people do not have access to electricity of any kind. Not only do they not have power for light and cooking but also they must deal with extreme heat. Climate change is making this even harder with the poor people of the world being impacted the most.

In developed countries such as Canada, USA and Europe, heating and cooling consume most of the energy of a house hold. Even in these countries solar power heating and air conditioning will have positive impact on the consumer and should be a large component of our plan to combat climate change.

Imagine adding solar power AC and heating to your home. Imagine have no electricity bills regardless of how cold it gets in the winter or how hot it gets in the summer? Imagine being completely off grid with a battery backed solar power system! Well what are you waiting for, here is the way to get it done.

With this new found knowledge you may want to go to work for a company that installs home solar power systems or even start your own company.

More Options For solar Powered Air Conditioning Systems.

There are other designs for solar power air conditioners that involve the use os solar thermal collectors and what is known as absorbtion chilling.

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