How Will Energy Storage Technology For Renewable Power Change The World?

How Will Energy Storage Technology For Renewable Power Change The World?

Energy storage technology may soon change how we manage our energy. Right now energy is power that we need on demand. There needs to be sufficient electrical generators of any kind to be able to meet the demands that society puts on the electric grid at any given moment. To much generation online is simply wasted.

With effective and wide spread energy storage systems we can have less generation online than we requires during peak periods. During these times of under supply, we simply use energy that has been previously stored.

The widespread integration of renewable, intermittent energy sources such as wind or solar is dependent upon the development of efficient large-scale energy storage systems for load-leveling the electric grid.


Similarly, the acceptance of plug-in hybrid electric and especially pure electric vehicles hinges on the availability of intermediate scale, safe, low-cost energy storage batteries to provide practical driving ranges.

Energy Storage Technology And Climate Change.

These approaches can help mitigate CO2 emissions and urban pollution, but it is widely acknowledged that traditional Lithium-ion batteries which work on the principle of reversible storage of electrons and Li-ions in bulk materials are approaching their limits.

This presentation will focus on the challenge to find better electrochemical energy storage systems that go “beyond Li-ion” batteries. Topics will encompass multivalent intercalation batteries and cells that operate on the basis of “chemical transformations.”

These both represent exciting new technologies that could meet the needs for high energy density storage. Yet many barriers remain to realizing their full promise, especially for automotive applications. They require cleverly designed materials for the electrodes, different electrolyte strategies than those used for Li-ion batteries and advanced electrode architectures. If the hurdles can be overcome, then energy storage technology has a much better opportunity to change the way we manage energy.

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