Integrating Solar Technology Into Everyday Products

Integrating Solar Technology Into Everyday Products

A Step Change In Solar Technology.

Imagine being able to spray a substance on your electric car, home or cell phone and harvest the power of the sun to collect clean electricity? Compare this to the massive and heavy solar modules that we are using so successfully today.

This level of step change in solar technology would be massively disruptive to many existing industries and technologies. In this video lecture we hear about the technology from Prof. Richard Lunt of the Michigan State University. He started a company to commercialize this technology back in 2011 called Ubiquitous Energy.

The Professor at first envisioned using this new solar technology to allow solar cells to stay charges forever but soon started to think bigger. Why not electric cars or even sky scrapers could be covered with this tech without impacting the look or functionality of the object. Effectivley turning everything into a solar electric generator!

Electric cars would simply have to be driven during the day or parked in the sun. The world we know would change in so many ways. With Ubiquitous energy there would so many less reasons for war and conflict.

If all of our biuldings could also be generators and our electric cars could be used to store the energy ( batteries) we could very quickly leave fossil fuels and nuclear fuel in the ground.

Transparent Solar Technology.

Prof. Lunt and his team developed a completely new solar cell. This cell is transparent like glass and uses a much broader spectrum of light than common solar cells. With this technology in the near future it will be possible to charge mobile devices or vehicles. More over with transparent solar cells we could use buildings like skyscrapers to harvest energy.

Prof. Richard Lunt (Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science and Physics Michigan State University)

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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