Learn The Soft Costs Involved With Solar Power Installations – FREE

Learn The Soft Costs Involved With Solar Power Installations

Costs Involved with solar power.

As part of your continued education in the solar energy industry you need to know what are the cost drivers for consumers. Do you know the individual costs specifically around solar pv installations for residential and commercial properties the drive the bottom line to the project?

Planning is essential for any kind of solar power project be it large or small. You cannot just one day start to install the solar panels because they arrived from the manufacturer. There is a considerable amount of planning and preperation that goes into a successful solar installation and do not forget the expectations of the consumer or home owner. They expect the job to be completed at the agreed upon price and in the agree upon timing.

Mistakes in ordering , design,safety or permitting can cause delays in the completion of the project. Consumers expect a professional job that performs as the expected. Keep this in mind for any solar project that you take on either for yourself or for someone else.

Here are some of the main cost drivers for solar power installations.

Hardware – panels, inverters, ( batteries if it includes energy storage), wire, panels,conduit etc.

Labor – Planning, designing,parts ordering, kitting,transportation,installation,testing and clean up.


What else?

Lets listen to the podcast and find out the whole story. It is done by the U.S. Department of Energy so the first couple of minutes are all about the DOE etc, then it gets to the real information.

Soft Costs of Solar Power Installations – Podcast

Let us know if you like this kind of training, it is the first real podcast we have included here at Free Solar Energy Training, so we are breaking new ground!

Also what other aspects of training or education would like to see from us along with being For Free ?

So now you should know so much more about the costs involved with solar power installations.
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Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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