Learn To Design Solar Powered Pumping Systems For Remote Areas

Learn To Design Solar Powered Pumping Systems For Remote Areas

A FREE MIT Course Teaches How To Design Solar Powered Pumping Systems.

Hands on experience is by far the best way to learn. Students in this MIT lecture are learning how to size, design and build a solar powered pumping station that can applied anywhere in the world.

MIT is very good at recording many of their university level lectures that can be viewed for free by everyone and anyone that is interested. You could not ask for a more respected university than MIT.

You can actually work along to this course by picking a relevant real world situation where you would want to add a solar powered water pump ( or other liquids) to an area that needs it. Solar is especially good for this in remote areas where electricity is not available, expensive or unreliable. As you learn there are even cultural considerations to be learned when working in some areas of the world.

What you will learn from the FREE MIT solar energy lecture:

How to Design Solar Powered Systems.

You will learn how to size and choose the pump for the application as well as the solar panels and wiring. In the end you will learn so much about the design and application of solar pv technology.

The skills and knowlegde you will gain by this course can be applied to any system that you want to power by solar pv. It may a system to charge your electric vehicle or even power your entire home. The concepts are the same.

Just to round out your education on this topic we have included a video from a company that deals in solar powered water systems for agriculture.

Comments on the course or the post or the topic of how to design solar power systems in general, help us make the site better for everyone. So be generous with you good or bad comments. We read them all.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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7 comments on “Learn To Design Solar Powered Pumping Systems For Remote Areas

  1. Dear Gordon Smith,

    Thanks for your post. I am really interested in this course. How can I get to the link to start the course of designing solar powered pumping systems for remote areas. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi
    We are a manufacturing in mobile phone and mobile charger in India ,our company is private limited . I want start solar panel business and I want to learn about techniques of solar .
    What is the process to attend class or any meeting / for training
    Chief technical officer { CTO} & founder

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