Learning The Basics Of Solar Fuel Production

Learning The Basics Of Solar Fuel Production

The Science Of Solar Fuel Production.

A solar fuel is a synthetic chemical fuel produced either directly or indirectly from solar energy either light or heat. Using solar energy the bonds between hydrogen and water can be broken freeing the elements to be combined with c02 or co to make a renewable synthetic liquid fuel.

Light is used as an energy source, with solar energy being transduced to chemical energy, typically by reducing protons to hydrogen, or carbon dioxide to organic compounds. A solar fuel can be produced and stored for later usage, when sunlight is not available, making it an alternative to fossil fuels. Diverse photocatalysts are being developed to carry these reactions in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way

In order to further the education of student in solar energy we have included a great introductory course in the science of solar fuel. One of the advantages of renewable liquid fuels made from solar energy is that not only do they not add to the global co2 level, but as a liquid fuel in can be used in all of todays combustion engines without any modification. Synthetic solar gasoline is carbon nuetral and acts exactly like fossil based gasoline. In this case the carboon dioxide produced from combustion is re-absorbed into new solar gasoline.

Solar Fuel Production.

A basic understanding of chemistry will be needed into order to truely understand the basics of recombining elements into new compounds but the information is well presented and very interesting.



Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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