Learning How To Manufacture Thin Film Solar Sheets

Learning How To Manufacture Thin Film Solar Sheets

Thin film solar is also a type of photovoltaic solar technology. It is called thin film solar pv, becuase it is literally made up of thin films of material. Unlike silicon based solar cells, thin film solar sheets are flexible, light weight and easy to make in large sections. 

The downside for today’s thin film technolgy is that the efficiency that it converts the sun’s photons to electrons is much lower than silicon based solar pv. It is however much cheaper if you just compare a similar sized area of each. What this means is that in order to generate as much solar electricity as the silicon, thin film solar installations must be a lot larger. Thin film solar requires a large area for installation which drives the over all costs higher than silicon solar. ( at least as of this writing)

Do you know what is thin film solar pv, how it works and how it is made?

However investments for research into thin film materials is on the increase and discoveries are being made everyday. It may be that someday soon, someone will find a way to make thin films as efficient ( or more efficient ) than silicon solar. When that happens consumers will turn to these new solar products becuase they are easier to install and easily made into home construction materials that blend into the decor of the home exterior.


One of the Leaders For the Thin Film Solar Industry.

One of the leading companies in the development of this technology is First Solar. The company is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona and has manufacturing facilities in Perrysburg, Ohio and Kulim, Malaysia.

Anyone interested in a career in the solar energy industry needs to know who the major global players are. First solar is definelty a major player.

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