Learning To Recognize The Start Of The Real Solar Energy Revolution

Learning To Recognize The Start Of The Real Solar Energy Revolution

Is this Not The Solar Energy Revolution Now?

It is important for anyone interested in or already involved with the solar energy industry to have a broad understanding of the global economics behind it. Global adoption of solar energy is being primarily driven by solar photovoltaic ( pv ) technology.

Solar PV technology is also changing rapidly, as the cells and panels become more efficient, easier to install and much cheaper. There is a tipping point to watch for as these changes happen. That tipping poing is when home rooftop solar power ( or ground based solar ) plus home energy storage becomes cheaper that the cost of transmitted grid power.

When this happens, you will see a massive change in the global economics of energy. Students of solar energy need to understand this better than anyone else.

Here is a video from the new Microsoft series of free videos that feature scientists and engineers talking about their area’s of expertise. In this case the video was produced by Travis Bradford of the Promethius Institute.

Maybe within the next 5 years, solar energy will be the cheapest source of energy in nearly all markets and locations around the world. Solar PV (photovoltaic) cells can bypass the aging and fragile electricity grid and deliver its power to the end user. This will fundamentally change the underlying global economics of energy.

The Real Solar Energy Revolution.

As the scale of PV production increases and costs continue to decline at historic rates, demand for PV electricity will outpace supply of systems for years to come. Yet, the shift from fossil fuels to solar energy will take place not because it is better for the environment or energy security, or because of some yet undeveloped technology; it is already occurring through decisions made by self interested energy users and all of these facts will impact us and be as transformative as the last century’s revolutions in energy, transportation and communication.

How will we find the way to sustainable energy practices as we move forward?

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Picture credit: Georgia Tech

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