Moving From Coal To Clean Electricity

Moving From Coal To Clean Electricity
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There is nothing at all clean about the electricity made from the burning of coal. Period. Regardless of what some bought and paid for politicians will say, this is the scientific reality of burning any fossil fuel. The oxidation of hydrocarbons ( burning ) always produces CO2.

So how will the world be able to have any chance of limiting climate change which is caused by the rising concentrations of co2 in our atmosphere and oceans? The answer is clean electricity produced from wind, wave and solar energy. While wind power technology is starting to dramaticall change the amount of clean power we have available solar power is the one that will likely provide the massive step change needed to stop burning coal.

While in the US, it may be that the new Whitehouse adminstration is preparing to open the door to coal again individual states are making up their own minds. Here is what Oregon recently did to provide a transistion plan away from the use of coal to that of clean electricity.

It is important for anyone that is pondering a future in clean energy such as the solar industry to be aware of the moves that are being made by local and federal governments for and against clean electricity. In reality your future as a solar energy job hunter depends on it. It does not mater which country you live in, you must be well informed about the stance on clean energy being taken by local and federal government officials.