Solar Energy Jobs Versus Coal Jobs – Kentucky

Solar Energy Jobs Versus Coal Jobs - Kentucky

The Reality of Solar Energy Jobs and Careers.

Jobs and careers in solar energy are important, not just to the indivual involved, but the economy and the environment as a whole also benefit. It is now clear that we can work to combat climate change in reducing atmospheric CO2 by moving to clean energy.

It is also clear that we can truely grow the economy by doing so.

In the US, there has been a gradual transistion from coal generated electricity to natural gas obtained from a controversal process called hydraulic fracturing ( or fracking). The process is linked to ground water contamination and believe or not “earthquakes”. This move away from coal has caused many of the large coal energy companies in the US to go out of business and the coal miners out of work.

Natural gas generation jobs however are not so plentiful and often involve workers moving from drilling site to site around the US. As the US starts to export compressed natural gas to countries like China, it is unlikely that the today’s exceptional low prices for it will last. The demand for fracked natural gas is going up and so is the public push back against the practice of fracking. You can see how this will put pressure on the price of natural gas to go higher.

The answer to this for the US to take the next step in their energy journey by moving to wind and solar power for all of their electricity needs. Combine this with moving from combustion engines to electric motor driven transportation and we have a pathway to being able to completely abandon fossil fuels.

Jobs and careers in wind energy are far better than coal or natural gas jobs. They are safer, cleaner and much more satisfying to the employee. Living without the threat of mine collapse or black lung is a huge employment benefit would you not agree?

The state of Kentucky has been hit particularily hard from the downturn in coal power. Without coal mining there is little left for the rural residents to do to make a living. That is untill you consider the opportunity around solar and wind energy. These are good jobs and they can be local jobs.

There is much controversy around coal mining in the US lately fueld by the presidential election race. Putting coal miners back to work as become the mantra of one of the candidates. Are we sure that going back into the mines is in the best interest of the workers? You decide.

Here is video that we found that we think best explains the situation for local residents in one county in coal country Kentucky. Thanks to the author for pulling it together complete with music.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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