Solar + Storage = Home Owner Energy Independance

Solar + Storage = Home Owner Energy Independance

The Dream Of Home Owner Energy Independance Lives On.

Adding energy storage to a home solar power system is a game changer and the electric utilities know it! Why would we even need the grid we can generate enough power ourselves during the day, store it and use it at night?

There are some capital costs, both of the solar panels and the solar units that can add up to some big dollars. The costs are coming down quickly thanks to companies like Tesla/SolarCity. Elon musk is building the largest battery storage factory on the planet and now offers the Tesla Powerwall units for homeowners.

Companies like Sunrun are offering to provide and install such systems on people’s homes without the homeowners putting up the capital. Simply sign up to pay for the electricity at an agreed upon rate for a number of years and they go to work on your home solar power system. The price you agree to pay is less than the price you pay now from the grid. This is a grid killer right?

How To Achieve Energy Independance.

Here is short video from Sunrun using Tesla and SolarCity technology to free homeowners from the electric grid forever. No wonder utilites are running scared.


Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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