The Top 8 Reasons to Learn About Solar Energy Technology

Why Do I Want To Learn About Solar Energy

I was thinking the other day, a person, interested in solar energy, might want to consider doing some free training that is appropriate to their current level of understanding and which helps them achieve the goals that they have set out for themselves.

Understanding why you want to learn about solar energy

To answer this question about yourself, you must first understand what it is that you are hoping to do with your new found knowledge of solar energy and really why you are interested in the first place.

Based on the many emails and comments that I have had from my readers, I think that your reasons may fall into categories such as :

1- Home Solar – Maybe you want to gain more knowledge of home solar power technology so that you can speak intelligently with companies about buying a home solar power system.



2- Interview preparation. – For anyone considering applying for a job with a company in the solar energy industry preparing themselves with some free solar energy courses, webinar,podcasts or even videos could give them a leg up on the competition.

3- Career choice – Students who are investigating what type of careers they want to pursue and the education that is required for each career, the place to start should be with the available free information that is available. Of course they would probable benefit from some guidance for this.

4- Solving existing problems with their solar energy project. – I get many requests for help from people trying to solve a technical problem or choose the right solar pv component and manufacturer. Much of this information is available for free if you know where to find it.

5- Starting a home solar energy company or adding solar energy to an existing company ( such as home builders or renovators).

6- Home inventors and DiY enthusiasts.  There are many home inventors our their that dream of making the next clean energy discovery. The best place to start is too review the free information and training that is available as we as see what other would-be inventors have done lately.

7- Energy managers in large companies. Most large companies now have someone ( or many someones) that work on reducing the amount of energy that is used by the company. They may be called energy managers, sustainability managers ( or even vice president of sustainability) and there job is to reduce energy and become more sustainable as a company. For many of these people solar energy is something new and outside of what they may have studied at school or even after graduation so they have a need for some level additional knowledge if they are to continue to add value to the company but pursuing clean energy and of course solar energy. Free online training may provide all they need to know become the company expert. ( Until someone with more expertise arrives.)

8- Your reasons… I have told you what I see so far. Please if you have other reasons add them in the comments to this post or send them to my email at [email protected]

I will add the new ideas to the list.



Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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