Thinking Big – Up Sizing Concentrated Solar Energy To Power The World.

Thinking Big - Up Sizing Concentrated Solar Energy To Power The World.

What About Concentrated Solar Energy?

We spend most of our time here at Free Solar Energy Training finding and writing free information, videos and courses that will let you the reader gain solar energy knowledge. Much of what we have provided so far has been about solar photovoltaic technology, education and careers.

However it is important to remember just how powerful the big bright orange ball is in the sky over head everyday. The power available from the sun is as much or more than anyother source here on earth. All we have to do is be smart enough to learn to harness it.

Green Power Science Tackles Concentrated Solar Energy.

In this video from Green Power Science, the team shows the raw power of the sun by using a fresnel lens to focus the soalr rays to a single point. The using this point to instantaneously turn water into steam and drive a small steam engine.

The phsyics involved to cause this small scale model to work are they for really large units. If we up-sized the lens and the steam engine and attach it to a electric generator we could make clean power. This is the type of thinking and technology that we will need to move our society away from fossil fuels and hopefully back from the precipice that is climate change.

Imagine the if we could create the same level of investments and career opportunities in concentrated solar energy and we have in solar pv technology? The economic opportunites that this would represent while at the same time freeing us from our addition to fossil fuels.


Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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