What Is a Renewable Energy Certificate?

What Is a Renewable Energy Certificate?
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Do you know what a renewable energy certificate or REC is and why it is important to the renewable energy industry? An REC is way for consumers to purchase renewable energy from the electric grid. The REC ensures the origin of the renewable energy and keeps track of the amount of renewable energy produced and consumed.

With an REC industry can claim that they are buying renewable energy and that because of their purchase that amount of renewable energy was generated somewhere to the grid. It adds a level of credibility to the renewable portion of an existing energy grid that is verifiable and trackable.

A Renewable Energy Certificate, represent the environmental and other non-power attributes of renewable electricity generation and are a component of all renewable electricity products. RECs are measured in single megawatt–hour increments and are created at the point of electric generation.

Each REC represents a specific amount of electricity produced and delivered to the power grid by a renewable resource such as wind or solar. RECs have become an important tool for the renewable electricity market.

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This video address common questions and concerns about the role and benefits of RECs.