What Is DC Coupling In A Home Solar Power System?

What Is DC Coupling In A Home Solar Power System?

The facts about DC Coupling.

Direct current ( or D.C. ) is the type of electricity that is naturally produced by solar panels. It is also the type of electric current that is needed if you are to store the energy in a chemical battery or supercapacitor. DC is not however the type of electric current that we need to run our home electrical appliances or equipment for industry.

So what is DC coupling then. DC coupling is the connection of DC power components in a system. The longer you can keep the power in the original DC state without conversion to AC, the better. The very act of converting power from DC to AC involves a loss of energy. As much as 5% of the energy can be lost during just one act of conversion. So you can see why we would try to minimize this conversion process.


In regions of the world where the grid is not reliable or energy prices are high, solar PV and energy storage can provide piece of mind, as well as an opportunity for investment by offsetting high energy prices. With this presentation you will learn how to leverage solar with energy storage to bring the greatest advantages to yourself or your customers.

The dc coupling video training is produced by Schiender Electric specifically for their line of solar pv inverters and energy storage components. It is very applicable to all types of solar energy technology.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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