Where Will The US Clean Energy Policy Be In 2017?

Where Will The US Clean Energy Policy Be In 2017?

The Incredible Importance of Tremendous Clean Energy Policy.

As the 8 years Obama administration comes to an end, we prepare to enbark on a new energy strategy for the US. Will it return to the old ways of encouraging fossil fuel development or will protect the clean energy industry that is working so hard to combate climate change.

I used to think that it does not really mater who is president of the US or Prime Minister of Canada or the UK, and that my life would go on in the same way regardless of who is in charge. However that is before I learned about climate change. This is an issue where leadership and support for clean energy will make all the difference in the direction that the world takes in the next decade.

In the US and the UK with recent wins by the populist right wing it is becoming increasingly unclear what energy policy will look like by the end of 2017. Will Trump take the US back to the age of coal power? If so, one has to ask why would they want to do that? Will the UK abandon all efforts to promote wind,solar and even wave energy technology?

Clean Energy Policy Around The World.

Meanwhile in India as their population heads towards being the largest in the world there are questions on how to power their emerging economy. Today they use mostly coal in the most inefficient way possible. They are also trying to find funding to fix their electric grid and move to solar and wind power.

There are more and more celebrities that are starting to also see that their involvement in clean energy will matter to the world. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of these and is now an envoy for the UN on climate change.

The interview comes from Leonardo DiCaprio’s new climate change documentary, ‘Before the Flood,’

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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