A Career as a Solar Energy Technician – How and Why

A Career as a Solar Energy Technician

Why Would You Want A Career as a Solar Energy Technician?

Solar energy technicians must have a wide range of knowledge in order to be good at their chosen profession. There are several ways that this knowledge can be gained such as , solar energy technician training or on the job training but the best is a combination of both.

A Day in the Life of a Solar Energy Technician.

So what would I need to know as a Solar Energy Technician?

In real life, the responsibilities can vary, but include at least the following:

  • Must understand and practice safe work habits.
  • Must be able to read drawings and schematics,
  • Must know about local code and regulations and how to apply them.
  • Have an understanding the electrical circuits and the power requirements of a solar panel system.
  • Be able to climb ladders and work on angled roofs.
  • Be able use hand tools such as electric saw, screw drivers and meters.
  • Be able to install interconnecting wiring ( to the requirements of the code)
  • Be able to test voltages and currents to ensure the system is working as designed.
  • Be able to install weather stripping or sealing
  • Be able to do the physical activities required to stage material and install solar power systems.
  • Be able to interact with customers and coworkers. This seems obvious but you would be surprised how bad at communications some new workers can be.

So can I earn as a Solar Energy Technician?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay in 2014 for solar photo-voltaic installers is $40,020 per year or $19.24 per hour.

So how do I become a Solar Energy Technician?

In general a high school diploma or its equivalent is required to enter the field, but job prospects are best for applicants with a two-year degree.

Online opportunities are available and particularly helpful to workers who have former construction or electrical experience. Also Community colleges and trade schools often offer programs where students can gain basic solar power knowledge as well as safety and system design. I would suggest that you start with some of the many free courses that I am identifying on this site as a place to start.

Do I need to be certified to become a Solar Energy Technician?

In the United State and Canada, certification is not necessary to be able to work as a solar energy technician, but it is recommended. The certification is available through the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

To be eligible for the certification, candidates are required to obtain a minimum of 58 hours of advanced solar photovoltaic training from an accredited school and 10 hours of construction safety through OSHA.

Students can also take the NABCEP entry-level exam, which is not the same as certification, but provides a way for them to demonstrate that they have obtained basic solar PV systems.

There are also some free resources available from the NABCEP such a study guide.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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    • Hi. Thanks for contacting me. Are you ok with english language training? Where there some courses on the site so far that you find interesting?


      Gordon Smith

    • Hi Dijin. Thanks for contacting me. Are you ok with english language training? Where there some courses on the site so far that you find interesting?


      Gordon Smith

  1. sir i am doing engineering in electrical and electronics in india and i am interested in solar energy field. so can you suggest me any job or internship in india .

  2. hello i am interested on this course i am a pilipino working in saudi aribia as cnc operator…i begun to have interest regarding the solar energy cause what happened on my place tacloban city detroyed by typhon we back 2 years before i am now using on my house as alternative energy in which i buy here in saudi and bring it too my place philippines…is there available on line training..

    • Hi Jose. Thanks for contacting me. Did you look to see if there was any training articles on the site that you might want to try? I try to add new free links every week.

      Gordon Smith

  3. Very interesting article, Thanks for sharing it
    I’m interested to studying solar installations
    I really appreciate if you can share online programs

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    I really appreciate if you can help me .

  6. Hi Gordon . I live in Ireland and at present I am working as an automation engineer but work is slow due to the economic slow down . My back ground is electrical and I am a qualified electrician for mor than 25 years . I have great interest in renewable engineering and would love to get on the ladder so to speak for the photovoltaic products . I can’t find a course or company here to take me on but I am more than willing to travel globally to get a start as I believe that’s the best way to go .
    Any way you can help me will be very much appreciated and thank you in advance .
    Séamus Fitzgerald

  7. Hi Gordon . I have 25 years experience in electrical installations both industrial and commercial
    I am interested in getting experience in PV installations . I live in Ireland but I have no problem travelling globally for work . Can you advise me on the route to take please .
    Thank you in advance
    Seamus Fitzgerald .
    Tel 00353862599894

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    I m interesting for doing this course. If it is available in India.

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    I have recently completed an Electrician’s course, and am eager to work anywhere in the field. What opportunities lie before me?

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