About Us

You may know us from Solar Thermal Magazine or our pure technology site, Tek-Think. We are the team from Energy-Think Group and we are proud to announce that we have created a new free solar energy education resource for our world wide readers.

Our readers have asked for solar energy training, courses and e-books about the technology, the companies, career opportunities and much more. So here we are creating something completely new for you and we promise to keep as much of free as we can.

We will be offering a weekly newsletter tailored to your needs so be sure to watch for the upcoming survey/sign-up that will help us focus on what your needs and interests are.

With this information and from our huge Facebook following we will be able to create courses, books,podcasts and videos specifically to answer what you need for solar energy education.

I am Gordon W. Smith and I will be the primary writer for Free Solar Energy Training. My background is electrical engineering, industrial energy management and alternative energy technology.

We are investigating partnering with some solar energy companies and possibly some universities and colleges to create fantastic content for you. If you are wondering how we plan to monetize this work, so are we. Just kidding we will use a combination of pay-per-click and premium content. We don’t want to end up like Twitter so we will need to figure this out in the near future.

If you have some other ideas about the site, the content or future articles we would love to hear about them.


Gordon W. Smith

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