Careers in Renewable Energy 2nd Edition – Gregory McNamee

Careers in Renewable Energy 2nd Edition

Are Careers in Renewable Energy, Great Careers?

There are good jobs and there are great jobs. If you believe that careers in Renewable Energy would be fantastic careers then we think alike!

A job in renewable energy is not just a job but truely a commitment to the future for everyone.

No pressure right?

Careers in renewable energy are also typically fairly high paying jobs with a high level of satisfaction to a person that cares about the future.

Are you this kind of person?

We hope so….

Size And Install Rooftop Solar Array On Any Home
Solar photovoltaic panels for residential, commercial and utility grid is a great area for a career in renewable energy.

Numerous job opportunities await in the fast-growing field of renewable energy.

We found the best book on careers in renewable energy, so far to help you on your journey.

Careers in Renewable Energy are important to the planet

Discover how clean energy can be a part of your future, whether you are new to the workforce or re-envisioning your career. Energy efficiency and clean transportation with electric drive systems is a really fast growing area that directly supports the move to clean energy.

Is there really an comparison in clean versus dirty energy technology?
Offshore and onshore wind turbines

Renewable Energy Sectors include:

  • Solar & Wind Energy,
  • Geothermal Energy,
  • Hydropower plus wind and wave power
  • Bioenergy such as alternative fuels
  • Green Building & Energy Management
  • Industrial energy management
  • Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cells,
  • Clean Transportation systems
  • Energy Education & Economics.
  • renewable energy financing and consulting
Inventors test their clean energy ideas
Wanted: Sales people,accountants, technicians, engineers and scientists that want to change the world with careers in renewable energy.

Renewable Job Categories include:

  • Technical / Engineering,
  • Project Management / Consulting,
  • Research & Development,
  • Sales & Marketing and the Trades.
  • Numerous helpful resources include: Training & Workshops,
  • Universities & Trade Schools,
  • Professional Associations / Technical Societies,
  • Reference Web Sites
  • Government Energy Programs.

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