Energy Efficiency Technologies Like Smart Windows Coming Soon!

The Importance Of Energy Efficiency Technologies.

The first step in moving away completely from fossil fuels, beyond simply switching to electric vehicles is to manage the energy that use today, and to implement procedures and technologies to reduce it. It will far easier to replace electricity made from coal or natural gas combustion with wind or solar electricity if we reduce how much we need.

This may sound difficult, but really it is much easier and more cost effective than you might imagine. Simply using a programmable thermostat for your heating and cooling systems, changing the filter at the right time and shutting of lights when you do not need them will probable save you 25%.

Over time if you change your lights to the latest LED types with sensors to detect motion or daylight will give savings for the next 10 to 15 years.

Using inexpensive infrared detection you can find and fix any air leaks in your building that can suck the energy right out of your bank account. Replacing your furnace and ac units if they are older than 8 years, will also give you a fairly fast payback

How about a career as an energy auditor?

All of these actions combined will have the effect of lowering your energy footprint. You will need to buy considerable less energy. Now is the time to look at switching to renewables either on your property or roof or directly purchased from the utility.

New Energy Efficiency Technologies Being Developed.

Researchers are working to develop even more creative ways and products to help us lower our energy footprint. Some of them will have a dramatic impact on our appetite for energy.

One really good example is the smart window, that has been developed by the smart people at Stanford University. So smart if know how to save energy all by itself!

Stanford University Researcher Develop a Smart Window
Stanford University Researcher Develop a Smart Window – More energy efficiency technologies on the way

As an energy auditor or solar energy expert, you will need to keep up with new technologies, processes and products that you can recommend to your clients to reduce their energy bills. The tools of the energy auditor trade are also changing. They are becoming cheaper and more effective. A great combination!

Stanford University engineers have developed a “smart window” that can lighten or darken in under a minute — faster than conventional dynamic windows. The new technology could be used to optimize lighting in buildings and vehicles, significantly reducing heating and cooling costs.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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