Experts Weigh In On U.S. Solar Energy Tax Credits

Experts Weigh In On U.S. Solar Energy Tax Credits

Renewable & Solar Energy Tax Credits Helped Fuel The Industry So Far.

Energy analysist the world over are trying to predict what will happen in 2017, not just for fossil fuels but also for renewable energy investments. In the US, will the new government continue to support renewable energy tax credits or make moves that will try to slow the industry down?

No-one knows for sure, but Bloomberg News recently inviewed the CEO of Mosaic which is the largest solar energy financing company in the U.S. to hear his take on the future. The other U.S. companies that compete in this solar finance space are Solarcity and Sunrun.

In reality solar energy around the world is hugely popular and in the U.S. some 85% of Americans believe solar power is a good thing. The industry is adding US jobs at a pace that is twelve times that of most industries. So it seem that solar may be here to stay.

Trump’s transistion team has told the US renewable energy industry as a whole that it does not intend to go after the renewable energy tax credits but instead wants to be able to offer growth for all energy sources. The planned investment by the future adminstration into buildings and infrastructure may actually turn out to be a boom for the US solar industry. New buildings if designed in the right way could feature solar energy and upgrades to the grid could allow utility solar and wind power more access to energy markets with a higher level of reliabilty for all.

It is an exciting time to be working in renewable energy or clean energy enabling technologies such as energy storage or electric vehicles. So far the experts believe that this trend will not be impacted by the new incoming president. Hopefully this is more that just wishful thinking on all of our parts.

The same can be said for the electric vehicle industry in the US. Anyone that has driven a Tesla or other electric cars knows that it s a superior vehicle. The acceleration is exhilerating and there are som few moving parts that the mnufacturer can offer lifetime warranties! Is it possible to take the shine off of this new consumer delight?

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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