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Free Training in Solar Sales

Free Training in Solar Sales

Many of our readers from all around the world are interested in learning about a career in solar sales. It could be that you want you want to go work for an established solar power company selling their products or join as a sales affiliate and collect leads for solar companies to use for future sales. 

Another option may be that want to help solar companies create marketing plans and materials. To do any of these things you need to know the basics about solar energy products and preferably have some experience selling things.

Here is a free webinar that we found that was produced by a solar company that covers the basics needed to sell solar energy products. The company is Clean Power Finance. The only connection we have with them is that like their video and we think you may find it useful. Take some notes, watch it a few times and your learn things that will be helpful when you apply to a solar company for a sales job or create your own solar sales company.

If you found this free solar energy training useful leave us a comment or send us an email.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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9 comments on “Free Solar Energy Training in Solar Sales -Clean Power Finance

  1. Good day sir,I’m really interested with your program,and I really looking forward to know everything regarding SOLAR ENERGY,because years from now solar energy will be more appreciated by more people because they will feel that it will suited to there daily needs and it going to be abig help for there life…it’s my ambitions to be a solar energy installer,and it’s gonna be only happened if I have opportunity of chances to avail the program that you advertise…I’m very much interested sir…please with your help please give me a chance to avail your program…I’m really willing to learn…thank you very much…
    Respectfully Yours

    Billy s. Villamor

  2. I+am+interested+to+join+this+type+of+training+as+I+am+also+qualified+trainer/assessor+under+NSDC,+SCGJ,+Delhi,+India.+Mob:+91-7377977905. please send me the details.

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