India Solar Power Training Is A Great Investment.

India solar energy training

The current population of India is 1.339 billion based on 2017 estimates. Moving this population from poverty to middle class standard of livings will take jobs and reliable sources of power. The opportunity here is to move first to renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Luckily for India they have some of the greatest solar energy available on the planet and some very smart people.

Kunal Munshi through this TEDx talk shares various perspectives and insights on how India could harness solar power to reduce its carbon imprint and dependency on non-renewable sources of energy, provide jobs and boost the economy.

If you look at all the possible sources of energy ( that we of know today ) which is shown graphically below, it becomes very clear that not just India needs to move forward clean solar power but the world.

Why would we focus on the limited reserves of fossil fuels? Fuels that have the horrible side effect of increasing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere and oceans .

Higher CO2 means climate change continues to accelerate.

Notice how little of the total available energy is represented by nuclear power. Is it worth the risks involved not only during nuclear fission or fusion electric generation? Not to mention the risks with storage of the spent fuel! How do we guarantee the safety and security of radioactive left over materials for hundreds of thousands of year? We can’t even protect spent nuclear fuel for a few decades.

Kunal Munshi is a first generation entrepreneur with an intense passion for adventure and environment, his love for Renewable Technology and Solar Power led him to found Sunrator Technologies. This company is a solar power consulting firm that provides design, analysis, advisory and training to private and government organizations.

Earlier in his career as a member of the India team to Antarctica, he helped design the living quarters and working laboratory. This cold weather habitat featured high energy efficiency and the ability to be completely energy self sufficient using renewable energy sources. He is now taking what he has learned to apply to an entire country.

To survive in such places using renewable energy

Energy efficiency has to always be the starting place when we talk about renewable energy or climate neutral strategies. First design the building to use the least amount of energy that you can afford and then start to use only renewable sources such as solar and wind.

India solar energy training should be a priority for the country

We cannot overstate the opportunity that exists for the country of India to develop and expand their power grid and capabilities using solar energy. This means that opportunity for new jobs and careers in solar energy in India is incredible. Investment in India solar energy training has never been worthwhile.

Mr Munshi is one of the well-known figures of the Solar Power Industry and has delivered various lectures and has been featured in numerous talks on Renewables and Solar Powers.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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