Kids Learn Solar In A Solar Powered Classroom

Kids Learn Solar In A Solar Powered Classroom

A Solar Powered Classroom Where Kids Learn Solar!

Imagine if your 4th grade teacher thought that it was his or her job to teach students how to solve problems? Starting with some of the biggest problems that face the entire planet, namely climate change. How fun would it be as a student to help with the design and installation of solar power with battery storage for your classroom? A classroom where kids learn solar power technology.

Solar PV projects range from the small to the gigantic!
Solar PV projects range from the small to the gigantic!

Young people that learn in this way about renewable energy and the challenges that await their generation, may someday become the scientists or engineers that make all the difference.

The latest solar shingle technology adds a new twist to solar projects

That is exactly what is happening in a single classroom of a school in the town of Durham North Carolina.

Helping Kids Learn Solar Energy!

The US department of energy has sponsored the program and helped to create a series of simple videos about how the students are progressing with their solar energy education.


A real solar powered classroom setting where kids learn solar power tech.

The students in Aaron Sebens’ fourth grade class are installing solar panels on their classroom roof for a project that goes above and beyond a normal day in school.

From researching solar panel installation, to generating funds for the project via Kickstarter, these are students who put their plans into action. Their accomplishments go beyond the classroom and stress the importance of getting people of all ages involved in renewable energy.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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