Net Zero Energy & Carbon Neutral Home Designs

Net Zero Energy & Carbon Neutral Home Designs

What Is Net Zero Energy Building?

We have found a 2 part video series that digs deeply into the fast growing net zero energy building industry. Readers will learn the difference between zero energy and carbon neutral, as well as gain a deep understanding of passive home designs.

Today home buyers and builders focus all most entirely on the initial capital cost of a house or office building. In general, the idea is to keep this cost as low as possible while still providing enough luxury to entice a buyer. There is very little thought given to the life cycle cost or cost of ownership.

Solar hotwater plus solar pv panels
Solar hot-water plus solar pv panels

With rising energy prices and water shortages, a home owner can find themselves spending more and more of their money just to maintain their lifestyle.

Consider the home energy audit.

Not everyone is in a position to build a new energy efficiency net zero house. Current home owners can easily find inexpensive energy experts that will come and do an audit of your structure and give you a prioritized list of things you can do to save energy right away. In fact some electric utilities will provide this service for free.

It is now very possible to design and build a structure that is so well insulated and air-tight that heating it takes only a fraction of the energy used in a conventional building.

Air exchangers use waste heat
Air exchangers use waste heat

Once a structure is air-tight, designers must provide for a controlled source of fresh air. Conventional homes are so leaky, that builders count on not needing to provide separate sources of fresh air. These fresh air systems are then designed to transfer waste heat to the incoming cold air and vice versa.

Once a home is designed to energy efficient solar panels become cost effective
Once a home is designed to energy efficient solar panels become cost effective

An air-tight, super insulated building using energy efficient appliances and LED lighting systems, and incorporating the fundamentals of passive design, requires very little energy. Once you have achieved this state, the cost of adding solar panels and solar hot-water systems is at the lowest possible. Imagine not needed power from the grid or natural gas from a utility at all! No energy bills, ever!

Zero Energy America is two one-hour documentaries that explore the quest for the zero-energy home.

This look inside alternative technology and solutions for the energy crisis in America and abroad finds solutions around the world that show promise and hope for a new tomorrow in which a home of any size can be built that not only lowers overall energy consumption, but actually finds ways to create excess power. Not just net zero energy but net positive energy.

Here is the first one:

Of course, Boral Roofing was thrilled to be a part of this team creating net zero homes.

And here is Part 2 of Net Zero Energy America

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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    Good Day! Thank you so much for the blog it is amazing. As a student I want to know more about Net-Zero Homes I want to know what are the equipment use for the technology and whats the proper design of the structure. Also if you can share that which companies in Europe are best makers and good in price of Solar Collectors , Bio Gas and Solar System. So that I can search and place an order to them.

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