Nevada Residents Fight For Home Solar Energy Net Metering Rights

Nevada Residents Fight For Home Solar Energy Net Metering Rights

As home solar energy continues to improve and reduce in price, homeowners are beginning to take a serious look at planning an investment for themselves. Add to this the ability to store energy in a cost effective manor such as the Tesla Power Wall system or may others and consumers will soon be able to afford to be completely off-grid.

One thing will keep them from completely disconnecting from their electricity utility and that is something called net energy metering. In states where net metering is allowed, homeowners have the ability to sell excess solar generated electicity to the grid and make some money.

It is not too hard to imagine that local power utilities are not happy about residential solar and energy storage since at some point they will lose their ability to sell homeowers electricity at all. This has turned into a big fight in many states with local governmet often weighing in one way or the other. Nevada is one of these embattled states.

The future of home solar energy is on the line in Nevada, as solar advocates and utility companies debate how to regulate so-called ‘net energy metering’ rates for customers using solar panels connected to the grid.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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