Producing Solar Electricity In The U.K.

Producing Solar Electricity In The U.K.

The Truth About Producing Solar Electricity In The U.K.

When you think of sunny locations probably the U.K. does not spring to mind right? For that matter neither does Germany but yet they have a very robust solar electricity industry. Does the sun not mater when making solar electricity?

Of course it does, but keep in mind that as humans we only see a portion of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum released on our earth by the sun. Modern solar cells utilize much more of this energy spectrum.

How much of the suns radiation do humans actually see
How much of the suns radiation do humans actually see?

Researchers are developing solar cells that can use even more of the energy spectrum which means higher efficiency in producing solar electricity. New advancements in materials and heat management are also working to improve the output for the same area of installed panels. This is how the costs will also be lowered. That and high speed robotic production lines working in a similar way to the semiconductor chip industry.

So, you can see how a country like the UK can move to a high percentage of solar generated electricity if they truly want to. It turns out that the UK does want to. There are a great many solar electricity arrays that have come online in recent months and years are more are planned.

A large solar PV array in Norfolk UK
A large solar PV array in Norfolk UK producing solar electricity

There is also a move to distributed solar electricity production or home solar systems as the price for grid power in the UK is rather high. Supporting this is desire by many to move the country completely away from coal fired electricity generation. How can anyone forget the years of the London fog that was not a fog at all, but the trapped emissions from city based coal generators.

Easy to forget that this killed thousands of people immediately and impacted the heath of hundreds of thousands of Londoner’s for decades to come.

There are now outlets like IKEA where consumers can buy reasonable priced PV solar panels, mounting hardware and inverters to actually build their own home solar power array. For that mater you can easy buy it on Amazon as well!

I think that one thing that may stop some consumers in the U.K. from buying and installing their own system ( beside the safety considerations) is the lack of knowledge. It is one thing to buy am IKEA flat-pack with a new table to put together and another to install solar on your roof!

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