The Latest Advancements In Solar PV Technology

The Latest Advancements In Solar PV Technology

Solar PV Technology Is Changing So Quickly!

As a student of clean energy and specifically solar energy technology it is so important to stay current on the latest advancements that my impact the cost of solar power and ultimately the consumer’s enthusiam for home solar power.

The state of the art of the art for solar photovoltaic modules is an efficieny of conversion of some what less than 20%. This means that solar pv cells are able to convert 20% of the sun’s energy that falls of them at any given time to usable electricity. After this there are losses caused by conversion of the electricity from dc to ac and from resistance of the wires transmitting the electrons to your devices and appliances in your home.

The efficiency of conversion for solar pv cells is so important in determining the overall cost of the solar modules. The more efficient the cell plus the inverter system the cheaper that solar electricity generated can be.

Here is a technology and an advancement that you need to be aware of for sure. The concept is simple, concentrate the sun’s rays to a very small point before focusing them on a very small area of a solar pv cell. The results according to a recent university study are astounding.

Stay Current On Solar PV Technology!

For this application researchers found that the efficiency of conversion went from less than 20% to more than 40%! This dramatically changes the cost for generating solar power and makes affordable home and utlity scale solar power that much closer to reality.

Solar energy technology and education is most important to our readers . So we bring you this!
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